Marriage proposal ideas: #1 Do it outside…the proposal that is.. pack a 5 star, upscale picnic with champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, and other such gourmet luxuaries. If you have one, go to one of your favorite natural spots for the picnic. Present her with a list of 100: unique things that you have done together, inside jokes, favorite moments, etc. After she has eaten the delicious meal and read the list, she will be like putty in your hand….. Pull out the ring and ask her if she will be yours forevor

– Marriage proposal ideas: #2 Do something special to a momento that you have from one of your dates. i.e. Frame a movie ticket stub from the first movie you went to together. Go back to the place where you had your first date. Reminisce about all the good times you’ve had together since you’ve started dating. Present her with the momento and talk about how you’ve had so many adventures together and how you never want that to end. After she’s squealed over the momento and how thoughtful you are, pull out the ring and pop the question. This will be a night that she will remember forever and you will look like one, romantic stud.

– Marriage proposal ideas: #3 Have a t-shirt printed up that says “The next Mrs. _______ (insert your last name).” Cook a romantic dinner at home for her. When the timing is right after dinner, tell her you bought something for her. Present the t-shirt (which should be elegantly wrapped up in a gift-box). As her eyes are bulging over as she reads the tshirt, pull out the ring and ask away.

– Marriage proposal ideas: #4 Take her to your childhood neighborhood. Show her some of the special spots that you loved growing up. At the last spot, get down on one knee and propose. Have a fabulous evening planned following the proposal

"Current" antique style engagement ring

"Current" antique style engagement ring