Renewed Jewel commission

Renewed Jewel commission

Local Jeweler Among First in Nation to Combine

Jewelry Design and Recycling

“Going green” is a phrase most businesses are using today, and typically refers to recycling paper, cardboard or other materials and conservation of energy.  Krombholz Jewelers of Montgomery has taken the “green” movement to a new level and is one of the first jewelers in the nation to place a significant emphasis on earth-friendly practices in the design of jewelry.

For 68 years, Krombholz has specialized in the design and creation of fine jewelry as well as the redesign and remanufacturing of customers’ family heirlooms. They are one of a few area jewelers who actually create custom jewelry in house from start to finish.  Recently, Lee Krombholz, owner and lead designer, has seen an increase in customer requests for earth-friendly jewelry practices, including the re-use of existing gemstones and metals.  “We realized that this is an important form of recycling, with zero ecological impact since no new mining is required,” Krombholz notes.

There are two main ways that new jewelry can be created using ‘recycled’ materials. If a client has an existing piece of jewelry (perhaps one that is in need of repair, no longer fits, or is an outdated style) it can be disassembled so that the components can be fashioned into something new. Another way of jewelry recycling involves Krombholz securing previously-owned gemstones and metals from wholesalers or estates and using those to create the new piece.  When using existing jewelry and materials and updating them to create a new piece, “we renew the life span of these often beautiful pieces so that another generation can enjoy them,” according to Krombholz.

The concept of recycling jewelry is being further developed through a new Krombholz brand, Renewed Jewel. This brand takes parts of antique and estate jewelry and recreates them using Krombholz’s nationally famous, award-winning design skills.  As a further incentive for clients, Krombholz offers a recycling credit in the form of a gift certificate for future purchases. To be eligible, a client purchase or redesign project must be at least 50% recycled or include previously-owned gemstones and metals.

While Krombholz Jewelers has been working to minimize its carbon footprint through recycling and other more traditional methods for years, this innovative new initiative is attracting attention in the jewelry community and beyond.  “While one jewelry store’s ecological practices might not change the world, we are looking seriously at ways to do what we can to reduce our impact on the environment,” said Krombholz.  For more information about Renewed Jewel, contact Lee Krombholz at 513.891.1930 or visit

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